Dog Breeds A-Z

This site is about exactly what the title implies, "dog breeds from A-Z". It provides basic, but  quality information about the vastly different ,and diverse breeds from all over the world. offers you all the "basic info" that there is to know, learn, and enjoy about purebred canines, as well as hybrid (hypoallergenic dogs), wild dogs, and even a few breeds which are now extinct.

Dog Breeds Info You Will Find Here:

Find great info about which breed out of all the many dog breeds a-z might be best suited for you and or family. Quality information specified to which foods are best for individual breeds and age groups, major health concerns will also be provided, as well as great dog products information and reviews. There is also an opportunity here to provide your own expertise and opinions for others to learn from based upon your own personal experience and knowledge. 

The word “dog” is such a small word for what encompasses such an amazing species. Various dog types cater quite uniquely to the many different needs and demands of man across all sorts of different regions and cultures all over the earth.  Dogs have been bred and altered over time for all kinds of purposes from guarding, to herding, to protection, pulling, even fighting. Today we see dogs being used for purposes like K-9 police, for search and rescue, as therapy dogs, service dogs (carrying things and assisting people for who are physically challenged), acting, and yes… even modeling, and much more. There are also a wide range of sports and competitions dogs compete in today such as flyball, dock diving, schutzhund,French ring, field trials, hunting, conformation show, weight pulling, racing, agility, obedience, dog surfing, and too many more to list. The many various pure bred dog breeds that exist today are easily over 500 and still growing. Also due to the continual demand and fast paced development of hybrid breeds.  Hypo allergenic breeds are especially popular as the greatly reduce the risk of an allergic attack , and they also usually do not shed badly or drag any allergen around the home the way a normal dog would. 

Perhaps what dogs of all types, regardless of breed do best is how they loyally provide unconditional love, and companionship. Dogs pour out their love and affection on their owners and are always seem so eager to please. As any dog lover and owner knows from the relationship they build with their dog, the term “man’s best friend” aptly describes this wonderful canine creature.

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