The American Bull dog


Today the American bull dog breed is in tact and thriving thanks to a man named John D. Johnson. During World War 2 the breed was on the brink of being extinct, however Mr. Johnson took it upon himself to revive the breed and gathered the finest American bulldog specimens that he was able to find, in what was to become a very successful attempt to save the breed. The American bulldog is usually considered to be a working breed and is often well utilized in farming or ranch work (especially in the Midwestern, and Southern United States). The American bull dog is said to have kept all of its original traits and looks from its original English ancestor, unlike many of its close cousins. It is well known for its ability to be extremely versatile in many different forms. The most common uses in work form tend to be pulling, hunting, and guarding. Well known for its imposing look, and muscular structure, this is a very strong canine. (Commonly used today in weight pulling dog sports).

Personality and Temperament:

Despite its formidable appearance and great strength the American bull dog is incredibly loving, loyal, and good with children (when properly socialized). Tends to be very protective of what and who He considers to be his and is well noted for taking on anything to protect its family and loved ones. This is a very strong willed dog once setting its sights on a task this breed is determined to achieve and persevere. There is nothing it enjoys more than spending time with his family and generally forms a very strong bond with one individual.  From and intelligence stand point the american bull dog usually ranks right about middle of the pack, (54th or there abouts) on most  canine intelligence listings of the top 100 most intelligent breeds.  

Needs and Requirements:

Due to its great strength it would be strongly advised to make sure your American bulldog gets well socialized. He must have a confident handler and understand that you are the pack leader. Also the American bull dog is extremely athletic and strong and will have a high need for daily exercise to be healthy in both body and mind. 

American Bull Dog Physical Description:

Males usually measure between 22-27 inches in height Weigh between 75-130 pounds Females 20-25 inches in height And weighing between 60-100 pounds approximately

The American bulldogs coat colors are numerous as can be in terms of a wide variety of colors and patterns. Generally however they are seen in any combination of white, brindle , piebald, and red. The coat is quite short, although it often sheds a good bit it does not require much grooming care. 

American Bull Dog Health Concerns:

Possible and not uncommon health issues for this breed include bone cancer, elbow and hip dysplasia, as well as thyroid and deafness issues. This breed often sees a life span ranging from about 10-15 years.   

Country of Origin:

Descended from the old bull baiting dog in England during the 1700s but now its country of origin is as the name suggests USA 

Interesting Facts:

The American bull dog was first recognized as an official breed in 1970 

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