Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog

The staffordshire bull terrier dog is truly incredible breed.  Fairly compact and powerful dog.  The small but powerfully built canine is jam packed with personality and energy. 

    Its origins date back to the Roman empire in the ancient Mossoseur dog, where it was featured in the arena against other dogs, animals, and gladiators.  Later as the staffordshire bull terrier spread through europe especially in England it was popularized in bull baiting as well as the sport of dog fighting. 

Personality and Temperament

The staffordshire bull terrier dog is exceptionally faithful.  The breed is very much a people dog and thrives on being with its family.  It is known to have a special affection for children.  The breed is courageous , patient, and is very expressive.  The Bull Terrier is also noted for its high physical strength and high stamina.   

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog
Physical Description

The breed has a very strong and muscular compact build with a close and smooth short type of coat. 


Males:  14-16in.  (35-40cm)

Females:  14-16in. (35-40cm)


Males:  30-40lbs  (12-17kg)

Females:  25-35lbs  (11-15kg)

Health Concerns

The average lifespan for the breed is generally around 12-14 years. The Staffordshire bull terrier dog is considered to be a strong healthy dog over all.  However the following health concerns are not uncommon in the breed.  Cataracts, hip or elbow dysplasia, possible congenital deafness, as well as skin allergies (skin allergies may require a special diet).  It may benefit a potential owner to be aware of testing for heart problems as well as hypothyroidism which can be more common in these dogs.  

Needs & Requirements

Their short coat type is fairly easily maintained with a regular to occasional brushing with a bristled brush.  This is a high energy athletic dog with great stamina and as such regular daily walks are a must. A nice securely fenced yard to roam freely would be ideal as well.  Due to the original heritage of the breed early puppy socialization is very important as aggressiveness toward other dogs may be developed otherwise.

Country of Origin

The Staffordshire bull terrier originated in England

Interesting Facts

Despite their strong build and tough looking exterior there is not another breed as well known for its friendliness.

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