Chow Dogs Background

The original chow dogs were an all-purpose working dog that was most notably a hunter. The chow chow is one of the oldest known breeds to date, and its history dates back thousands of years. Dating back further than its records leaving its original origin officially unknown. The chow was a dog used and kept for many purposes by the Mongolians of China. They were used for hunting, and as sled dogs. The chow was able to endure incredibly cold climate conditions with its thick coat. The chow is often referred to as resembling a bear. In China eating dog is not uncommon and the chow is considered a delicacy.

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Personality and Temperament

Chows are great with children “if “ properly socialized from childhood. The chow is extremely protective of its family and property and will need a firm leader. Chows can tend to bond strongly with one person in particular. They have been said to have somewhat of a cat like personality. Generally speaking the chow is quite weary of strangers and would greatly benefit from early socialization with people, other animals, and kids to avoid unwanted aggressive behavior.  .

This is an extremely loyal breed that would be willing to sacrifice everything to protect its master. However chows are not known to be very obedient dogs.

Physical Description


  • Males 19-22 inches
  • Females 18-20 inches


  • Males 50-70 pounds
  • Females 40-60 pounds

The dogs coat comes in two varieties smooth and rough, and it generally comes in these five colors red, cream, fawn, black, blue. It has a very dense coat that will require regular brushing.

Health Concerns

The chow dogs health concerns include autoimmune disorder, glaucoma, hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, cataract, gastric torsion, and entropion. Also due to the the chows thick coat fleas is something to keep an eye out for. Lifespan is generally around 8-12 years.

Chow Chow Dogs Intelligence

The chow is a dog who's stubbornness is often mistaken for a lack of intelligence. The chow dogs nature is a bit more independent and would not be an ideal trick dog, however chows are around average intelligence with a strong tendency to be very stubborn and independent. The chow is not an easy dog to train but they are extremely loyal.

Needs and Requirements

Chows are said to have somewhat of a cat like disposition like cats require less physically. The chow does not require extensive exercise but would benefit from a outing of short to medium length daily. This is a breed which is a seasonal shedding dog and will need a good deal of brushing during this period.

Place of Origin

This chow dog breed originates in China.

Interesting Facts

This breed often have a purple or blackish tongue.

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