The Border Collie dog breed

Background on the border collie dog

  The border collie dog has ancient origins that are thought to be able to be traced back to the Viking's.  However the breed as it is known today was developed by shepherds as a herding dog along the border between England and Scotland.  Hints where the name "border collie" came from.  The foundation dog of the breed is said to be a dog name Hemp.  He was renowned for his eye stare which he used to intimidate the sheep with to move.  As opposed to snapping and growling like many other herding breeds.  The border collie dog is a relative of the rough collie.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized the breed in 1995.  The link for the AKC page is below.  

Personality & Temperament

  Border collie dogs are very intense. The breed does best with lots of mental activity and vigorous exercise.  They are exceptional athletes and make for wonderful agility competitors and many other dog sports.  They love to chase and they love to herd.  They are thought to be the best herding breed.  The breed is widely considered to be the most intelligent dog on the planet.  The border collie is probably second to none in terms of focus and drive.  That being said they are very high energy, and they really need a constructive way to channel all that energy, drive, and intelligence.    

Physical Description


Males:    19-23 inches

Females: 18-21 inches


Males:  30-50 lbs.

Females: 25-45 lbs.

Border Collie Health Concerns

This is usually a very healthy dog breed overall.  However like all dogs hip dysplasia can become an issue.  Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) is something to look out for.  In what tends to be more rare cases Epilepsy can occur.  Also rare are heart defects which you may want to test for.  However the border collie is generally considered to be  a fairly healthy breed. 

Needs and requirements

Border Collies need lots of exercise as well as room to roam, and for that reason they do not make good apartment dogs.  They do best with a job or task as the really need lots of mental stimulation as well as exercise.  The breed also needs a fair amount of attention and would do best with an experienced owner who will be able to devote time to its needs.  They would ideally be best in a rural environment.

Country of Origin

Border Collie's were developed along the border of England, and Scotland.

Interesting Facts

  • The name "Border" collie was derived from where the breed was originated (The England/Scotland border).

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