The Boxer Dog Breed

Boxer Dog Breed Background:

The boxer dog breed is currently the sixth most registered dog With the AKC. It is said to have traces all the way back to the Bullenbaiser dog breed (dog once used for bull-baiting)of Germany which is now extinct but was well known for its bravery and versatility. A combination of the Bullenbaiser and the English bull dog was the beginning of the Boxer breed. Originally bred for guarding, fighting, and as a multi purpose working dog.

Personality and Temperament:

The boxer breed has an incredibly fun loving and playful personality. Boxers are wonderful with kids generally good with all people , although sometimes uncertain with those he does not know. The boxer is strongly built but its personality is quite the opposite , this is a breed in need of lots of attention and love. The boxer has a very curious personality and loves to play. They are also known to get along with most other pets quite well. Boxers can be a handful however and need a handler who can manage all their energy combined with their athleticism. The boxer makes a great family companion and is also well suited to the someone who lives an active lifestyle.

Physical Description:

They are generally fawn or brindle with white markings and a black mask, however some are a solid white color. Boxers have a short coat that takes minimal upkeep and grooming.


  • Males 22-25 inches
  • Females 21-23.5 inches


  • Males 65-70 pounds
  • Females 55-60 pounds

Health Concerns:

Unfortunately the boxer has more cancer related health problems than any other dog breed. The boxer has a short coat that does not protect it in cold weather conditions, and the boxer breed is more susceptible to overheating in the heat. Other health conditions to be on the look out for are deafness, bloat, hip dysplasia, bloat, and ear infections.


The boxer dog breed is considered to be highly intelligent, and does great with obedience training. This breed however needs a firm handler at times to reinforce who is in charge, otherwise he could become quite a handful.

Needs and Requirements:

Will need a fair amount of daily exercise considering it is full of energy , at least one 30 minute walk daily. A fenced in yard would be ideal but if enough exercise is provided this is not a must. Coat care is minimal , short muzzle and face should be well attended to around the eyes especially.

Place of Origin:

This breed is considered to be from Germany.

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Interesting Facts:

  • Out of all dog breeds the Boxer dog breed has the longest tongue.