The Basenji Dog Breed

Basenji Dog Background

`The Basenji dog breed originates from Zaire Africa.  Originally bred for hunting, the Basenji has a very keen since of smell as well as possesing great eye sight.  They were often used to drive and or trap prey for hunters.  British explorers gave the breed the nickname "African Bush Dogs".  In 1936 they were given the name they are currently known by, thanks to Mrs. Burn  who imported  pair from the Congo to the U.K. where she resided.

Not long afterward the breed drew a lot of interest intrigue at a Crufts event and have since begun to become more common through the world especially in the U.K. , and The United States.  In 1943 the Basenji was accepted by the AKC.  

Personality and Temperament

  The breed is very distinct and unique in many ways.    

First they are know as the barkless dog.  However they are by no means quiet, they have a yodel like sound they are known to make as well as a few others.  They tend to shed very minimally and are metacilous about keeping themselves clean.  As a matter of fact they are generally considered to be hypoallergenic.  They are very intelligent but tend to be fairly stubborn and head strong.  

Needs and Requirements

As for nutrition the Basenji would do well on a high quality dog food.  Also it would is encouraged to periodically track any significant weight gain or loss.  This can be a huge indicating factor in the canines current health condition as well as the likely development of anything else.  

The Basenji is an energetic dog breed and would definitely need lots of regular exercise to keep them healthy as well as to avoid them becoming destructive due to frustration and boredom.   

Physical Description

Height: (At shoulders)           Weight:

Males -       17 inches,                             24 pounds 

Females -  16 inches,                             22 pounds 

Basenji Health

  Some of the more common health concerns that are especially be related to this particular breed are the following:

Autoimmune thyroiditis, corneal dystrophy, progressive retinal atrophy, hemolytic anemia, small intestinal disease (immunoprolifelative),  hip dysplasia, Marconi syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Life span for the Basenji is usually about 10 to 14 years.

Interesting Facts

Basenji's don't bark, but rather have a howling or yodeling type of noise that they make.

Place Of Origin

The Basenji dog breed originates in Africa, specifically in the Republic Of the Congo.

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