Caucasian Shepherd Dog


The Caucasian shepherd dog is also frequently called the Caucasian Ovcharka because Ovcharka in Russian means shepherd.  The breed originates in the Caucasus mountains in Russia. Flock guardians by trade they for centuries have protected properties from predators such as wolves coyotes and even bears and therefore are incredibly strong, powerful, and protective.  They have been used for various other duties including guarding the Berlin wall during the Cold War.  The bread comes in two types the Mountain type(long-coated), and in the Steppe type (short-coat).  They are prized in Russia as one of only three Russian sheep dog breeds which include the south Russian Ovcharcka, and the central Asian shepherd.  The Caucasian shepherd however is the largest of these three.  To breed you in the AKC in 1996.

Personality and Temperament

Completely fearless, devoted, loyal, and loving to it’s own adequately describe the traits of the Caucasian shepherd dog.  These dogs are likely unmatched in the dog world when it comes to their ferocity as well as their imposing power when it comes to defending their territory.  The breed has incredibly strong protective instincts, is extremely confident and can be somewhat stubborn as well as independent.  They are highly territorial and make excellent guard dogs. However they will need proper training and socialization as they are often very wary of strangers as well as other animals outside of their family.

Physical Description

The Caucasian Shepherd has a very strong muscular and imposing build.  They have a double coat to handle but come in two different types as mentioned in the breeds background section.  The first type is "Mountain Type", the other is the "Steppe type" which has a shorter coat.   


23-30 Inches

(Males being slightly taller than females usually)


100-170 Pounds

(Males being slightly weightier than females usually)

Health Concerns

For a such large breed the Caucasian of shepherd dog has a fairly long lifespan of roughly 10 to 15 years.  The relatively healthy the breed does suffer from a few common elements.  Hip dysplasia and sometimes heart problems.  However there are no “breed-specific” health concerns.

Needs and Requirements

This bread is used to being outside all day as well as having lots and lots of space to roam around.  So ideally the Caucasian shepherd would be getting lots of exercise and being able to stretch legs routinely is essential for preventing aggressiveness or frustration to the boredom or lack of exercise.  Due to their incredible strength and tendency to be very wary of strangers and protective of their territory it is essential that proper training and socialization be given to the breed.  They will also require a strong and confident leader who will have had adequate experience with the responsibility which comes with such a powerful animal.  This is not a brief for first time dog owners.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog's Place Of Origin

The breed originates from The Caucasus mountain region of eastern Russia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.  This is an area that is well known to have been a place for sheep and other various livestock throughout the centuries.  

Caucasian Ovcharka Interesting Facts 

  • There is currently not a known weight or height cap for these canines in their home country of Russia.  
  • "Bakshan" is another name for the breed.
  • The descend from and are classified as a well renowned Molosser which is an ancient type of Mastiff dog breed.
Caucasian Shepherd Dog

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Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Caucasian Shepherd Dog