The Rottweiler Dog

Originally the Rottweiler dog had several varied jobs.  Some of which were cattle driving and cattle herding, as well as wild boar hunters.   The breed was purposed by the Romans for this task while large armies marched long distances this breed was protect and herd the cattle which were used to feed the troops.  They are descended from what was once known as the Roman war dog. Today the breed is better know for its protection abilities and in some countries being used as a police dog.

Personality & Temperament

The Rottweiler dog is well known for courage, and confidence.  Rottweiler's should have an overall calm but watchful temperament. Must be socialized early with both other dogs and animals as well as young children.  It is extremely important to understand this is a very powerful dog with the strongest bite force of all the canines.  Therefore it is essential for owners or any prospective owners make proper socialization a top priority.  That being said, if properly socialized early  the Rottweiler makes a wonderful pet and companion with other dogs and children alike.

Physical Description

The Rottweiler comes in black with tan markings on its paws neck face and eyebrows exclusively.  


24-27 Inches (Males)

22-25 Inches (Females)


95-135 Pounds (Males)

80-100 Pounds (Females)

Health Concerns For The Rottweiler Dog

Due to the breeds overbreeding there are several health concerns any potential owner needs to be aware of.  Eye problems, heart problems,  hypothyroidism, OCD, Paneosteitis, Von Willebrand disease, elbow and hip dysplasia, ACL injury, as well as allergies.  

Rottweiler Dog

Needs & Requirements

The Rottweiler dog needs lots of daily exercise.  Long walks or runs should be a daily mainstay for the Rottweiler dog to be kept from boredom and causing damage to home or belongings due to frustration.   

Place Of Origin

Though the breeds origins go all the way back to Ancient Roman times in Italy.  The breed we know and recognize as the Rottweiler today is from Germany.  Specifically from the town of Rottweil.  

Interesting Facts

Out of all the canines in the AKC Rottweiler has the the strongest bite force.  

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Rottweiler Dog
Rottweiler Dog
Rottweiler Dog
Rottweiler Dog